VisualEyes Plugin

During the first week back before fulling deciding on all of my project I came across a very useful and neat plugin that I now use in XD for UI and UX design but can be installed for Sketch and Figma. The plugin creates eye tracking heatmaps from AI algorithms, this is based off more than 20,000 images with eye tracking data, this allows designer to create human centre designs without having to go through the lengthy process of putting their designs through eye tracking systems. Testing it on my own designs, I really liked the results and how easy it was to use and understand the plugin. Since I have an idea of creating an app for my Design Practise module, using this add on will help me create a functional app while also giving me more background research to include in my portfolio. The plugin also has a handful of features in development such as Clarity Score and Custom Demographics, I’m eagerly waiting for these to aid me in my design journey.

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