Walking Winchester

A victorian horror-esque game that uses geolocation to guide tourists and locals around the famed city. Inviting people to explore, learn and solve a mystery that can earn discounts at Englands oldest bar, The Royal Oak.

As part of the project I worked with two partners, one being the Royal Oak who wanted to create an app that showed off Winchester in a way now one else had done before. The Second partner was Jordan Blake, a new up and coming Travel and Horror fiction writer, brought in to aid me on the written dialoge and story line of the app.



To begin the research for this project there was three avenues I had to look into;
1. Geolocation - Was it a viable option for my project?
2. Success Stories in this area of Emerging media
3. Researching more into the genre and history of Victorian Horror fiction.


I used a wide variety of sources for my research coming up with some ideas of what I could do, such as looking at 3D videos that would be viewed after scanning a bar mat, or snapchat filters to show ghostly figures that supposedly haunt the bar. But it was delving into the success of Pokemon Go! that solidified my choice for using geolocation as my chosen Emerging Media. Though it made me cautious of drawing too much inspiration from the popular game. It's layout it notoriously simple, a factor that has lead to its continued success as well as the driven team behind the game.

From this research I was able to complete my proposal of how the collaboration would work using the Geolocation, showcasing refferances, examples of wireframes and ideas of how this project could improve the local tourism of Winchester, theorising a third partner that could come in on the project; Winchester Tourist Board.


The next steps

After completing my proposal it was time to move from sketched wireframes to high fidelity ones on Illustrator. To the  right is an example of how I began designing the each screen on the app. I used original Victorian engragings for key photos and traveled around Winchester taking photos of key places I wanted to feature in the app.

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 10.07.13.png
Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 16.37.02.png

After creating the HIgh fidelity wireframes, I moved to Adobe XD to create a prototype of the app that allowed me to demonstrate the simplicity of use and UX of Walking Winchester. This prototype was well received by the managers of The Royal Oak who commented that the aesthetic of the app was exactly what they had wanted when first theorising the project.