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For my initial design process I used sketches to create rough wireframes and icon ideas, then I proceeded to move to illustrator to continue my creative process. Below is some screenshots to show my progression with these ideas, including colour schemes, layouts and navigation ideas.

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 16.00.47.png
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To the left is an example of how the split screen function of my app would work, by integrating this feature, when readers come across noted locations or events it would trigger the animations on the app, for younger readers this could be implemented so animations that explain specific words come up, aiding in educational ready. If you'd like to read more about the features within Carto, click below to see my Project Proposal.

Carto Proposal



Enter the world of your favourite books with Carto, explore 3D maps, watch the hero's journey across the lands and discover a new avenue of storytelling sure to draw you in like never before.


Wireframes, Annotations and Ideas

Final App Design Ideas
Logo Ideas
Wireframes Home and Profile
Wireframes Home ALt and Map
Wireframes Cont.
First Draft Wireframes

Final Prototype

This is my final prototype that could show to investors how the Carto app would work, showcasing the branding, movement and ease of use users would experience. Unfortunately I could not include a section showing the 3D maps in action but this will be an aim for me to complete next semester as I progress in my 3D modelling knowledge.