Winchester Creatives:

King Alfred -Mind the Gap

Over the summer of 2020, Winchester Creatives made a resurgence from its previous monthly networking event to evolved into a not-for-profit with the aim to help graduates get the experience and any extra skills they needed to kickstart their creative careers.

I was asked to come on board as a volunteer team member to help create some of the social media campaign assets and most notable a reward for the initial kickstarter.

Using the campaign slogan, youthful culture and the historic aspects of Winchester, the mordern King Alfred was brought to life, playing on the legend that the once King would one day return.


The print was a success selling multiple coppie and has even been gifted to local esteemed supporters.

The campaign is an ongoing success with it gaining more traction in the early parts of 2021 and the hope to gather more corporate sponsorship after the initial donation made

by Casella Family Brands, makers of Yellow Tail Wines. 

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