The Ropery

At over 1100ft in length this 18th century building is one of 4 Royal Navy rope yards, that is still in operation today, creating rope using the same techniques from nearly 200 years ago.  

As a starting point for building the majority of the Dockyard, the Ropery has allowed me to learn new programs within Architectural Visualization, whilst also paving the way for my final major project of my MA.

Since the Dockyard is still owned by the Ministry of Defense and the Ropery is in active use, the floorplans of the building were exceedingly difficult to find. And it was only by chance that the one I eventually came to use, was in a copy of a Chapter held in the Martial Rose Library. Scans of these blueprints then had to be photoshopped together as the size of the plans couldn't fit in the book chapter in one piece as they are so wide.

The main idea for the project is for the building to be 1:1 scale, so it could eventually be used for online viewing with VR headsets, allowing people to walk through the Ropery in the event that visiting the site is unavalible.


When beginning the Ropery on Revit I was able to easily import the buildings blueprints and scaled these so the model became 1:1 accurate. Next came the windows, collums, floors and roof. Revit's in built features made sure that I could make every detail as accurate as possible.

Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 12.57.12.png

Perspective camera test


This render is looking down the 1100ft building, I had some trouble with items further along the building rendering properly and the materials I'd used didn't really fit the period look I was aiming to achieve. 

Unfortunately I've only been able to produce a few final renders as, the file size was too heavy for my laptop to handle. Each image took roughly 30 minutes to generate and eventually crashed my laptop.

Despite these smaller setbacks I am happy with how the building looks in terms of perspective and some of the items filling the building. Although I haven't produced as much as I had hoped before starting my Final project of the rest of the dockyard, it has taught me some valuable lessons about using Blender to build and render out Architectural Visualizations, that I will be able to use to further improve my on going work.



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Disclaimer: Due to my laptop crashing I will be attempting to recover lost renders and adding these to this page. All those recovered will be added after this line.